The Brass Rail Luther Robison


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About the Author About the Book Most of the World War II veterans who valiantly defended our freedoms country have left the military and returned home. A few of these gallant men have chosen to become career military men and remained in the service have found themselves in Japan along with a few men who have stayed in uniform because they had nowhere else to go. A new generation of men and women have been drafted or volunteered to fill the empty ranks left by the departing servicemen. The war is waging in Korea but a difference dynamics is taking place in Japan shaping and molding the futures lives of this new generation. This story is about their experiences, trials, disappointments, loves wants and needs. ﷯LD Robison a United States Air Force veteran, served for a number of years in Far East, Europe and Southeast Asia. He and his family live in western Montana. The summer days are spent days working in the yard and writing when he is not out roaming in the mountains or exploring in the National Parks. In the winter, his time is devoted to cleaning the snow from the driveway and afterward standing in front of the fireplace to warm frigid bones. He does intermittently, takes time to work on a story and finds relaxing with a good novel whisk away the winter months.

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